I am Vikas Patel.
I am young and enthusiastic Software Engineer.
I’m quick learner, and during my 3 years of experience, I’ve worked on so many technologies.

  • Android
  • ColdFusion
  • Asp.net
  • Classic asp
  • JQuery Mobile
  • Flex
  • Magento
  • Social Engine

I’m full of confidence. I just love what I do.

If you like my blog, and wanted to have work with my company, Please visit iSummation Technologies.


8 thoughts on “About

  1. hi vikash,

    I integrate “Multiple images selection” in android 4.2.2 android application.I am using query mobile ,jquery 1.9 and html5. i am not able to call talkative image gallery on html and jquery page on button click event.
    Please help me how to load image gallery on button click i am new android developer.I will be very appreciated.

  2. Hello vikash …I am Ranjeet kumar,i am learning android so i have problem plz help me(my question is i want a create toolbar and also create greedview but i am not doing this can u help me.

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