Tips on jquery mobile


For last month I am using jquery mobile. I’ve gone through lots of issues and learned a lot.

Web is good but when it comes with browser, HTML and java-scripts it becomes more buggy!

Generally I use chrome for development, and jquery mobile works perfect as it based on web-kit.

I tested and published my code, for desktop testing I use Firefox and chrome (not testing on IE as its jquery mobile). But when I open it in Android device, I see only half of the page rendering. And this is because of I made mistake in mark up language.

I forgot to close div tag and closed with li tag. In Firefox and chrome its ignored, but in safari it rendered differently.

See this code and output in chrome and safari, you will get the idea what i’m taking about.

Conclusion: While testing you web app IE is your acid test, while targeting web-kit or jquery mobile, safari is your acid test.


2 thoughts on “Tips on jquery mobile

  1. I was wadering all over net for some tutorials for startup. I’m using jQuery for quite a time now and learnt most of the things. Then i had a thought about developing a web app for mobile devices and it turned me onto jQuery mobile.

    I’m pretty confused where to start, how to write simple codes and test it.
    So if you can give me a link that would be helpfull.

    1. For all following points you can refer its site demos.

      1. Try to use HTML form elements.

      2. Then try to use page navigation,

      3. Then toolbars

      4.Then try to use listview

      5. Then rest of the things..

      I’ve some good documentation link, Once I find it again will comment here..

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