jQuery Mobile will now support BlackBerry 5.0

Hi guys,

I am working on a huge business application. Currently major work is done by web application built on ColdFusion. But now we have created iPhone and Android application. Both are built on native platform, but now we can’t ignore blackberry and Symbian OS users.

So we’ve decided to work on platform independent framework, and that is PhoneGap.

I tell you that jQuery Mobile are working so hard that they differentiated touch, click swipe events very nicely. So I strongly recommend both the framework for your mobile application.

Coming to the title point, jQuery Mobile gave B grade the BlackBerry OS 5.0 native browser, as it lacks some of the important features. But as of now there are about 50% blackBerry users have OS 5.0. So while developing an business application, we can’t exclude them, so I decided to start working on the issues and try to remove them.

First of all, I realize that BlackBerry 5.0 browser doesn’t support URL hash change event. and it is a main disaster for JQM. So I and eventually JQuery Mobile team thought that, we should remove ajax call for BB5, and they made it! Excellent huh!.

Enjoy Mobilisum!


8 thoughts on “jQuery Mobile will now support BlackBerry 5.0

  1. Hi Vikas,

    Maybe you can help me out. The back button does not show on the bb simulator. Im using the bb 9650 using v5.0 OS,

    Thanks in advance

  2. Wondering of how how you were using dynamic ajax calls to fetch data that need to be displayed in the viewport of a page as this is not working for me currently.


    1. Ajax is supported but URL hash change is not supported.. so you can call ajax. but to change page in JQM you should not use ajax. Let me know if you have any issue..

      1. Hi Vikas,
        Thanks for your response.

        Are you referring to the multi-page structure when it comes to navigation on BB5? As this works for me without any issue; mind you, just a simple delay here and there when switching between pages. I can swallow that. However, my issue is really with the dynamic fetch/post of content. I have a $.getJSON which fetches the content of one page and I have a $.post which post the content of a form to a server-side script. This structure works perfectly from the web-version of the app but not from the app itself despite it works without any issue on the BB6 version. It makes me think if this related to the connectivity permissions issue for the app which is totally a different realm.

        Just wondering about your thoughts if you have encountered such issue.

    2. Ok, did you check this post? If it is not working on BB5, then there could be two issue. One is mentioned in that post, and other can be this. I think second one could be the case, anyway let me know, if you can’t solve that..

      1. Hi Vikas,

        Thanks a lot for your help! The cross-site resolution worked for me on my BB5 App version. Wondering why this is not included by default in JQM to avoid going through this by other developers. May be it is worth mentioning again on the JQM project page.

        Cheers, N.

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