SplendidCRM is copy of SugarCRM?


Now a days I’m reviewing all open source CRM. Till now I have seen SugarCRM, vTiger, SplendidCRM etc.

They are also providing web services to integrate our application to CRM.

SpledidCRM is built over Asp.net, so it is but obvious that it’s web service will be in .net.

When I browse it to include it in my sample web site, I surprised!

So Splendid programmer forget to change the name of web service? lol!



2 thoughts on “SplendidCRM is copy of SugarCRM?

  1. We did not forget to change the service name. We kept the original service name so that we could develop an Outlook plug-in that would work for both SplendidCRM and SugarCRM.

    The real surprise is how closely we follow SugarCRM. We use to say that if SugarCRM jumped off a bridge, we would follow them.

  2. Well I appreciate your efforts, and I come to know more about SpledidCRM from wikipedia page http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/SplendidCRM. I surprise more when I read it, “SplendidCRM adopted the LAMP based SugarCRM Open Source as the blueprint on which to initially model its ASP.NET application. The application is compatible with and uses SugarCRM assets such as icons and terminology packs. However the actual source code that makes up the application is completely original”

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